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Put a shark inside your tank (english version)

Everybody knows that Japanese people in general love eating fresh fish. Fish have been rare in the Japanese waters for decades. Being so, and to feed its’ population, the Japanese Fishing Companies built larger boats and went fishing far away from the coast. As far as the boats went, it took more time to bring the fish back and what was worst the fish were not that fresh. The population did not approve of the taste of those fish. In order to solve the problem, the Fishing Companies installed freezers in their boats.
The fishermen fished and froze the fish in the high sea. The freezers allowed them to go a far distant with their boats and they could stay fishing for a long time in the high sea. The Japanese population noticed the difference between a fresh and a frozen fish. Of course, they did not appreciate those frozen fish as well. Then, the Fishing Companies installed tanks in the boats. They fished and threw the fish inside the tanks. After a period of time, and because of a lack of space inside the tanks, the fish did not struggle any more. The fish arrived “alive” BUT tired. Unfortunately, the Japanese could still notice the difference in taste. The fish being paralyzed for days did not have the same fresh taste. The Japanese consumers would rather the fish taste fresh than the apathetic fish taste.

How did the fishermen bring to Japan the taste of the fresh fish?

If you were a consultant for a Fishing Company, what would you recommend?

* * * Before reading the answer, read what follows:
When people achieve their targets such as: when they find a new lover, when they successfully start a new business, when they pay for all their debts, whatever, they may lose their passion.

They may think they do not need hard work any more, then, they relax. They seem to have the same problem of lottery winners, heirs, people that never grow or even housewives being bored of their lives, they initiate searching for problems. For these problems, including the Japanese’s fish case, the solution is very easy to find.

Early 50´s, L. Ron Hubbard observed:

"Surprisingly, the human-being only grows when he faces a challenging environment”.
The more intelligent, persistent, and competitive you are the better problem solver you become. If your challenges are not too large and you conquer these challenges step-by-step, you become satisfied with yourself. You think about your challenges and feel yourself ENERGIZED. You feel excited and willing to try new solutions. You have fun. You stay alive!

To preserve the taste of fresh fish, the Japanese Fishing Companies kept the tanks in their boats, BUT they put a small shark inside each tank! The shark ate some fish but most of them arrive at the coast “very alive” and fresh. This happens because the fish feel themselves challenged in the tanks.
Therefore, and as a rule in your life, INSTEAD OF AVOIDING challenges, jump into them. Enjoy the game. If your challenges are really big and you have lots of them, do not give up: re-invigorate yourself! Look for more strength of mind, more knowledge, and more assistance. If you reach your targets, impose new bigger targets.

Once you achieved your own personal or family needs; go to your group, society or even humanity needs and help. Create your own personal success but do not feel comfortable with this situation. You have tools, skills and dexterity to make the difference.
"Put a shark inside your tank and see how far you can really go".

Texto retirado de um MBA americano

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